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Here at Porter Security we specialize in you. Our work is to ensure that everything you have worked for is protected. Your security is always first at PSI Security. We pride ourselves on our innovative programs and advanced customer care. At Porter Security, we are uniquely qualified to evaluate your security needs. We can advise you on managing the security risks to your property, employees, clients and invitees, while limiting your exposure to “negligent security” litigation that could cause financial ruin.

Our special event services include: monitoring employee access, guests at your facility, issuing badges, maintaining logs, inspecting all bags or packages and providing directional assistance. Additional needs will be accommodated upon request. During special events, PSI officers function similarly to hotel concierge. Our guards will be present in lobbies, control access to buildings and provide assistance to visitors. These services make sure that your business is secure. Whether the event caters to hundreds or  thousands, PSI can provide you with the licensed and experienced security professionals you need.

We are here to help you identify at-risk areas of your business and design a custom security plan that meets your unique requirements. We will provide 24/7 security coverage for all aspects of your business. At Porter Security, we will help to protect all that you have worked so hard to accomplish, while you grow your business. Providing experience with a commitment to quality service, PSI, Inc. can provide armed & unarmed guards for your building, property, or event.